“Tutu Kueh Corgi” Mobile Socket

US$ 6.00

  • SGD: S$ 8.10

Tutu kueh is a steamed, bite-sized rice cake packed with filling (usually coconut or peanut), and is believed to be unique to Singapore. Hooman and Oscar love it!

With the clear printing on a improved gloss finishing, and the hardy 3M pad sticker to stick on your case, it is an item not to be miss! Our CEO has given his paw of approval!

Designed by our designer, Hooman.


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Tutu Kueh Corgi” Mobile Socket

Comes with a:

  • 3M stick-on pad (to stick to your phone case!)
  • Gloss finishing with a layer of plastic seal (removable)
  • Size: 4cm (1.55″)