The Staffs

You must (and you should) be wondering who is the people/doggos behind Oscar’s Pushcart.

We appreciate every crews who worked hard to keep things going and to serve our customers well.

Let us introduce to you the heroes behind our pushcart!

The Boss

He is the founder and also the CEO of Oscar’s Pushcart.

He only has one job – which is to supervise the staffs behind the pushcart,
and to follow behind his designer, Hooman.

We are not sure why the boss like to follow Hooman around, but we did suspect that
the Boss has lots of curiosity on the foods that Hooman is having.

The Personal Assistant

The personal assistant to our founder/CEO.

Pupper was introduced to our CEO few years ago and since then, they have been
sticking around together everywhere even when our CEO ends the day at night.

He makes a good personal cuddly assistant and sleeping buddy to the CEO.


The Designer (Hooman)

Also known as “Hooman”.

Nobody in the company know the actual name of “Hooman” as the boss do not know it either.

Hooman is the person behind all the designing jobs for both the merchandises and graphics.

The corgi on Hooman’s head is not the Boss, it’s the Boss’s pupper.

The Grumpy Finance

From his face, you can clearly see that he is very grumpy about how the Boss spend the money.

He will only update his profile picture to a smiley picture when Oscar’s Pushcart
start to generate revenue. We fully understand where he is coming from.

P/S: Our Grumpy Finance has his own limited edition pin-back button!

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The Grandma

The super Grammy that the CEO always mentioned about.

If you have ever bought something from our Pushcart before, Grandma helps to send out the majority
of the parcels to you all hoomans!

Grandma is also the one who spent most time with our staff as
she has retired and is staying home to take care of the staff’s welfare.

The Delivery Loaf (Assistant to Grandma)

He is always in his camo wagon.

If Grandma is busy, our delivery loaf will be the one who send all the parcels to the post office
to ensure the parcels is promptly sent out to you.

The Quality Checker

We all know he takes his work seriously from his looks. (He look a little grumpy like Grumpy Finance…)

He ensure all the goods are in good quality and tested out before he passed it over to the next person for packing.
If you ever found any fur on your merchandise sent from us, it has to be his fur, for sure.

The Salesman

If you saw any post that has our products in it, it is the work of the Salesman cum Barketing.

He works really hard to keep things going and ensure there is on-going sales.

The Boss love his positive attitude… and the burger he is biting on.

The Procurement / Admin

She take care of all the administration and purchasing duties.

A hip-hop social butterfly but efficiently get all the purchasing and paperwork done for the Boss.

Without her, our merchandises and packaging material will not be in top notch or environment friendly.

The Packer

Receive a package with bootiful packing? He is the man behind it.

He ensure the packaging are nicely done before sending out the parcel to you.

Oh, he is also the one who licked the stamps so that it will not drop off the envelope…
In case you want to know how it is done.

The Intern

The Intern help out a little bit of here and there.

He is also tasked to do some Barketing duties, such as write up for the website,
posting in the social media platforms and also involve in the customer service.

We can see that he has a bright career future.