The Staffs

Undoubtedly, you must be curious about the individuals (or doggos) responsible for running Oscar’s Pushcart.

We deeply value the efforts of every member of our team who work tirelessly to
maintain operations and provide exceptional service to our customers.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who are the heroes behind our pushcart!

The Boss

Oscar is not only the founder but also the CEO of Oscar’s Pushcart.

His primary responsibility is to supervise the Pushcart’s team and follow
his designer, Hooman, around everywhere.

We’re not entirely sure why the Boss enjoys shadowing Hooman, but
we suspect he’s curious about the food that Hooman eats.

The Pupper

Our founder/CEO has a Personal Assistant who goes by the name Pupper.

Pupper was introduced to our Boss a few years ago, and
they have been inseparable ever since.

Pupper even stays with our Boss at night, serving as a
loyal cuddly assistant and sleeping buddy.

The Hooman

The actual name of “Hooman” remains a mystery to everyone
in the company, including the Boss.

For those who have been following us for some time, it is known that Hooman
is the creative force behind all our merchandise and graphics.
Additionally, Hooman is the sole companion of the Boss during outings and walks.

The Grumpy Finance

It’s evident from his expression that the Grumpy Finance is unhappy
with the Boss’s spending habits.

He has promised to change his profile picture to a cheerful one only when
Oscar’s Pushcart begins to make profits. We sympathize with his position.

P.S: The Grumpy Finance has his exclusive pin-back button available for purchase!

The Little Hooman

Our team has welcomed a new member, Little Hooman, who brings fresh design ideas for our merchandise.

She also helps out The Delivery Loaf by pulling the wagon
during our outings and The Packer in packing all the merchandise.

Fun fact: Little Hooman and the Boss have grown up together.

Bonus fact: Little Hooman drew her own profile picture.

The Consultant

Adding a new member who is working on a part-time basis.
She is the one who gives advice on designs and proposes ideas from time to time.

Fun fact: She has been around since the launch of Pushcart and has contributed to many design ideas for our merchandise!

Bonus fact: Similar to little hooman, she drew her own profile picture.

The Delivery Loaf

Our trusty Delivery Loaf can always be found in his camo wagon,
ready to make the trip to the post office and ensure that all your parcels
are promptly shipped out to you.

The Quality Controller

It’s evident from his appearance that he is very dedicated to his job.
(Bearing a striking resemblance to Grumpy Finance, we suspect they may be twins.)

He ensures that all the products are of high quality and tested before being passed on
to the next team member for packaging.

If you ever find any fur on your merchandise that was sent from us,
it must be his fur, no doubt.

The Salesman

The Salesman cum Barketing is responsible for all posts featuring our products.

His hard work ensures a steady flow of sales and keeps things moving.

The Boss admires his positive attitude, as well as the burger he’s always munching on.

The Procurement Admin

She is responsible for managing all administrative tasks and procurement activities.

Although she is known for her love of hip-hop and socializing, she is
highly effective in handling the Boss’s paperwork and purchasing needs.

Her contribution is crucial to ensuring that our merchandise and packaging
materials meet high standards and are environmentally friendly.
Without her, we would not be able to achieve this level of excellence.

The Packer

The man responsible for the beautiful packaging of your received
package is none other than him.

He takes great care in ensuring that the packaging is expertly done
before dispatching the parcel to you.

Additionally, he also handles the adhesive aspect of the process,
by moistening the stamps with his saliva to prevent them from
detaching from the envelope.

The Intern

The Intern provides assistance wherever it is needed.

Furthermore, he has been assigned to undertake some Barketing responsibilities,
including creating website content, publishing on social media platforms, and
participating in customer service activities.

It is evident that he has a promising future ahead of him.