The Doggo

The Doggo

Oscar is a red-headed tricolor coat Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Nobody know who is his parents and but he’s all good now cuddling to Hooman’s plush and treating them like his own siblings!

Our local medias has labelled Oscar as the “pet influencer, the neighborhood gave him the title “goodest boy” while his friends called him “the calmest doggo” but to Oscar’s Hooman and family, he’s simply a darling boy who do them proud.

Oscar love foods, and food is the only motivation to learn new tricks or stay for a good pawto. He also loves to interact with other Hoomans more than canines. His favorite foods are duck meat, duck organs/neck/feet, shishamo/capelins, salmon, apple, papaya and egg white.

Oscar spent most of his time at home when the Hooman is out working hard to give him good life and he usually would be responding to comments or DMs in his social media platforms and replying his email!

In March 2019, Oscar started his own merchandise ‘pushcart’ in his own website. Mainly to share exclusive designed items with fellow fans and corgi lovers, Oscar also put aside the money that he earned in his “jerky funds” jar.

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