The PushCart

Little loaf, big dream…

It has always been Oscar and his Hooman’s dream to start a small online shop selling unique & exclusive products since years ago.

They always have the ideas for creating new products but putting the idea away as they are not motivated to proceed with it because they feel that there would not be any sales for their merchandise.

The Profits…

As Oscar aged, all the earnings from the pushcart will go solely to his medical and hydrotherapy funds which in 3 short months between Oct 2021 to Dec 2021, his medical bills has reached a total of $8,000 and we are thankful for everyone’s supports to his pushcart that he is able to get the best treatments. In March 2022, he was also diagnosed with IVDD which he has to be treated urgently with total cost of $4,000 to avoid any further injury. In June 2022, Oscar did a CT scan, DM test and spinal tap which amount up to $5,500.

The Starts…

In March 2019, Hooman and Oscar decided to get their hand/paw onto it and they created Oscar’s Pushcart by integrating the e-commerce shop in Oscar’s pawsonal website to sell their self-design and exclusive merchandise for everyone.

From brain storming, designing, sourcing, manufacturing and all the back end jobs – it’s all handled by Oscar and team (refer to his staff list)!

Thank you everypawdy for your support to Oscar and his Pushcart! <3