Retro Floral Oscar Charger Pouch

US$ 11.50

  • SGD: S$ 15.74

We decided to go more on retro style this time round.
Floral? Checked. Rustic? Checked. Oscar? Definitely checked!

We highly recommend this pouch because of its size!
The Charger Pouch can contain a USB head and also your charging cable.
Not only that, it can also contain all your cards or even any other items.

Because the pouch is 70% handmade and 30% using machine, there might be a slight imperfection. 😉
But Oscar vouch for the quality of the pouches!

*Product is on a slightly yellowish rustic side!


Size: 10cm (height) x 15.5cm (length) x 4cm (width)

Material: 100% Cotton


Note: Do take note of the measurement and ensure it’s what you are okay with! 😀

Limited quantity in stocks.

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  • Gentle hand wash in room temperature or cold water
  • Do not soak in hot water
  • Do not put into washing machine
  • Air Dry only