Disapproval Corgi Coin Pouch

US$ 6.00

  • SGD: S$ 8.21

This pouch is not only to contain your coins, but it can be contain any small accessories, gadgets (such as thumbdrive) or even your small make-up items!

Nothing beats the disapproval and side eyes of corgis!

Because the pouch is 70% handmade and 30% using machine, there might be a slight imperfection. 😉
But Oscar vouch for the quality of the pouches!


Size: 9cm (height) x 11cm (length)

Material: 100% Cotton


Note: Do take note of the measurement and ensure it’s what you are okay with! 😀

Limited quantity in stocks.

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  • Gentle hand wash in room temperature or cold water
  • Do not soak in hot water
  • Do not put into washing machine
  • Air Dry only