Corgi Luggage Tag (DEFECT)

US$ 4.00

  • SGD: S$ 5.47

We have a handful of defect pieces luggage tag that is separated out by our packer (he did a really good job in QC!)

Instead of leaving it aside, we decided to put it up for sales! All the defect pieces are USABLE!

Note that this is not for the paw-fectionist hoomans!

All the defect pieces are slightly stained on the top left hand corner, there is no tear or broken parts on the tag. If you are not a fussy user, I would say you got a pretty good deal from this! 😎 

Everyone loves travelling but it pains us to leave our furkid behind while we travels.

Show everypawdy that you are bringing your Corgi (in the luggage tag)

with you along wherever you go!


What make it even more unique and exclusive is you get to

write your Corgi’s name in the information card. (For no particular reason!)


This is an exclusive product of

Proudly designed by Hooman with the help and approval of our CEO.



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Item Exclusive CORGI Luggage Tag
(Embossed on Soft PVC)
Material PVC, Plastic Strap, Plastic Frame, Paper Name Card
Size 105mm x 65mm (10.5cm x 6.5cm)
Color Pantone Yellow and Black
Designed by Hooman
Please AVOID placing the luggage tag anywhere near hot surface or even in hot environment!